The joy of looking at people
The joy of looking at people
The Grocery Store Project
The Grocery Store Project
2067 images of connectedness
Spirit is higher
Spirit is Higher
One woman, no knees, and a mountain that must be conquered
Free advice by Simon Høgsberg
Free Advice
One week, 50 people, free advice about everything + coffee
We are all gonna die
We're All Gonna Die
100 meters of human existence
Laborious Romance
A Laborious Romance
A story from Berlin about art and dating
Dance, dance, dance
Dance Dance Dance
Photos from a Swedish dance camp
The tower of babel project
The Tower of Babel
15 images from the city of glass
Faces of New York
Faces of New York
10 New Yorkers talk about their faces
Copenhagen Istanbul on a bike
Copenhagen / Istanbul
Notes from a bike ride through a continent of kindness
Professional fury
Professional Fury
Four days on the road with Denmark's leading heavy metal band
The low fat diaries
The Low-Fat Diaries
A trip through Europe for 14 euro
The thought project
The Thought Project
A project about the thoughts we have when we walk alone in the street
Blue lights and hash browns
Blue Lights and Hash Browns
A portrait of six street artists
Private public
Private & Public
Portraits of pedestrains taken from the same spot in London in the course of one year
Strøtanker på gadeplan

In 2004 I spent six weeks stopping people on the street in Copenhagen asking them what they were thinking about the second before I stopped them.

I recorded their answers and presented them in a program aired on national radio. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 29.11 min.
En strandtur for 14 euro

In the winter 2004 I decided to find out if I could get from Copenhagen to the Mediterranean Sea with just 14 euro in the pocket.

I did a radio program about the trip. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 29.16 min.
En cykelmygs bekendelser

In the summer 2005 I decided to cycle from Denmark to Istanbul on a 25 kilo tourist bike with tires of solid rubber.

During the trip I talked to a tape recorder when I needed to unload my mind. Home again, I did a radio program about the trip. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 28.30 min.

Anette på bjerget
Samvirke, 2010


Billeder fra en bro,
Samvirke, 2009


The Tower of Babel
Motiv, 2008


En tung dans på roser
Samvirke, 2008


Let's Dance
Ud & Se, 2007


Ud & Se, 2006


Fra København til Middelhavet for 100 kr.
Euroman, 2005


Da Simon cyklede ud for at finde godheden
Ud & Se, 2005


Tung støj
Euroman, 2005


Tanker i New York
Euroman, 2004


Romeo + Juliet, 2003