Spirit is Higher
One woman, no knees, and a mountain that must be conquered
Free Advice
One week, 50 people, free advice about everything + coffee
We're All Gonna Die
100 meters of human existence
A Laborious Romance
A story from Berlin about art and dating
Dance Dance Dance
Photos from a Swedish dance camp
The Tower of Babel
15 images from the city of glass
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10 New Yorkers talk about their faces
Copenhagen / Istanbul
Notes from a bike ride through a continent of kindness
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Four days on the road with Denmark's leading heavy metal band
The Low-Fat Diaries
A trip through Europe for 14 euro
The Thought Project
A project about the thoughts we have when we walk alone in the street
Blue Lights and Hash Browns
A portrait of six street artists
Private & Public
Portraits of pedestrains taken from the same spot in London in the course of one year
Strøtanker på gadeplan

In 2004 I spent six weeks stopping people on the street in Copenhagen asking them what they were thinking about the second before I stopped them.

I recorded their answers and presented them in a program aired on national radio. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 29.11 min.
En strandtur for 14 euro

In the winter 2004 I decided to find out if I could get from Copenhagen to the Mediterranean Sea with just 14 euro in the pocket.

I did a radio program about the trip. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 29.16 min.
En cykelmygs bekendelser

In the summer 2005 I decided to cycle from Denmark to Istanbul on a 25 kilo tourist bike with tires of solid rubber.

During the trip I talked to a tape recorder when I needed to unload my mind. Home again, I did a radio program about the trip. The program is in Danish.

Listen: 28.30 min.

Anette på bjerget
Samvirke, 2010


Billeder fra en bro,
Samvirke, 2009


The Tower of Babel
Motiv, 2008


En tung dans på roser
Samvirke, 2008


Let's Dance
Ud & Se, 2007


Ud & Se, 2006


Fra København til Middelhavet for 100 kr.
Euroman, 2005


Da Simon cyklede ud for at finde godheden
Ud & Se, 2005


Tung støj
Euroman, 2005


Tanker i New York
Euroman, 2004


Romeo + Juliet, 2003